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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
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No Revision of the Article 9 by Abe’s government! Rallies and assemblies at more than 200 nationwide

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe state, “The existence of the Self-Defense Forces should be clearly defined in Article 9 of the Constitution.” and he tries to make Japan “war capable nation”. Under the slogan of “Do not send children to a battlefield again”, Zenkyo campaigns to defend article 9 with full force. Zenkyo Members actively participated in more than 200 nationwide actions such as constitutional rallies, marches, and a publicity campaign.

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Zenkyo Holds International Symposium with 3 Overseas Delegates

Zenkyo and the Research Institute of Democracy and Education (RIDE) held the “International Symposium for the Struggle against the Attack on Teachers’ Professionality and Stronger Control over Teachers” on February 19 in Tokyo.

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Latest Opinions

【Zenkyo Statement】April 7, 2016
Creating a new “Scholarship Program”
Zenkyo strongly insists that the government establish a benefit plan scholarship program and that all present ‘scholarships’ be free of interest.

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【Zenkyo Statement】September 19, 2015
We Will Never Approve the Enforcement of the “War Bills”
On the early morning of September 19, the Abe Cabinet rammed the Security legislation, ‘International Peace Support Law ’ and‘Legislation for Peace and Security’(so-called ‘ War Bills’ ) in the upper house of the Diet. More than 60 percent of the citizen are against these bills.
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