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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
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Zenkyo launches a new effort in the new school year

“Sensei Fuyaso campaign”, which means “a campaign to increase teachers” organizing committee was established. This campaign was proposed by 15people, including the president of Zenkyo, researchers, educators and lawyers. The committee started an online petition to demand that the government increase teachers drastically on April 15.

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Zenkyo holds the 36th Annual Congress
It is at a crucial stage to defend the Constitution, children, school and education.

Zenkyo had the 36 Annual Congress in Tokyo on February 9th and 10th. Zenkyo’s 65 union members made the following various reports across the country: struggles to block the revision of the Constitution, a current situation concerning children and education, what we have to do to improve excessive long working hours as well as a fresh three-year project aiming to increase union members.
Many union members said that now was the important time to proceed with Zenkyo’s effort with the cooperation of a large number of people because teachers’ excessive long working hours gain a lot of public attention.

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Latest Opinions

【Zenkyo Statement】October17.2018
Zenkyo protest with strong indignation that 'work-style reform' legislation was forced passage

Zenkyo will declare that intent to protest with strong indignation in PM Abe's tyrannical administration and continue to struggle seeking Repeal of the package of "work-style reform" bills.

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【Zenkyo Statement】April 7, 2016
Creating a new “Scholarship Program”
Zenkyo strongly insists that the government establish a benefit plan scholarship program and that all present ‘scholarships’ be free of interest.

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