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CEART Allegation by ZENKYO 3/11 Disaster
Latest News

【NEWS】February 27,2015
Donation for Emergency Aid to Syrian Refugees
On February 13, Zenkyo donated 1 million yen through UNHCR to Syrian refugees, especially for the child support. On February 27th, Mr. Takanobu Himori, Board Member and Executive Director of UNHCR, and Ms. Megumi Nakamura, Assistant Executive Director visited Zenkyo and handed a letter of appreciation to President   Yoshihisa Kitamura and Mr. Takae Takura, Director of International Affairs.
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Zenkyo 32nd Regular congress― Zenkyo invited SNES, the Secondary School Teachers’ Union in France
Zenkyo convened the 32nd regular congress on February 14 and 15 in Tokyo. The percentage of female delegates who participated in the congress reached 25 percent and many young delegates led the discussion. After active participation in the debate over two days, delegates adopted 16 resolutions including ones on its action policy in 2015 to 16 and on its 3-year organizing plan. The Congress elected executive board members for 2015 -2016.    


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Latest Opinions

【Zenkyo Statement】April 7, 2016
Creating a new “Scholarship Program”
Zenkyo strongly insists that the government establish a benefit plan scholarship program and that all present ‘scholarships’ be free of interest.

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【Zenkyo Statement】September 19, 2015
We Will Never Approve the Enforcement of the “War Bills”
On the early morning of September 19, the Abe Cabinet rammed the Security legislation, ‘International Peace Support Law ’ and‘Legislation for Peace and Security’(so-called ‘ War Bills’ ) in the upper house of the Diet. More than 60 percent of the citizen are against these bills.
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